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The Capricorn Solaflair solar car is owned by Central Queensland University. As the former strategist for the solar car team I developed a fairly simple model of the car for assisting with strategy development. To enable this model to be used further I have made the project open source and am now working on getting the code into a more useable form.

This project will initially contain the source code of the simulation. A sample console project that uses the Windows DLL and some basic documentation. Over time I hope to develop a graphical front end to the simulator, allow real time data input and provide more accurate models. If you want to use the code you can download it through anonymous access to the CVS repository. If you want to contribute to the code then sign up as a developer and I'll add you to the project. Check out the project site for tasks that need to be done.

Of course nobody else may ever use this code, but I'll have learnt something...

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